Child walking in front of the 2018 Serpentine Pavilion by Frida Escabedo

The Taming Of The Shrew

“Go away!”, the writhing banshee screeches in my face. I back off and continue to watch the futile struggle to push her head through a sleeve. I reach forward once again, open my mouth to say something and then think better of it. Walk away. Just as I am ensconced in my chair with the …

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Child running through a field

Learning to Spell Diarrhoea

It’s just before 3pm in the afternoon. I am sitting at my desk when my mobile goes off. It’s the childminder. My heart immediately starts beating a thousand times a minute and my mind can’t even focus in on imaginable disasters. Within two rings I have flicked the answer button and breathlessly, hesitantly, utter, “Hello?” …

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Woman travelling on train with child sitting on lap reading book

Commuting Vs Parenting – Which is more gruelling?

Uncomfortable, time restricting, irrespective of personal space - parents have to tolerate a lot. Pity then the poor commuting parent, who must spend hours crushed into hot and sweaty commuter trains, which are frequently and inexplicably delayed rendering them late for their childcare pick-up.   The torture only doubles when they must take back responsibility for …

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Child hugging woman holding iPad

Would Like To Meet – Choosing Childcare Online

Once again my daughter has introduced me to a strange new underworld. The last few weeks have seen me browsing the profiles of strangers on the internet, judging them on their photos and arranging to meet them alone in their homes. Not internet dating. Not booking an escort. But looking for a childminder. Various third …

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