Lockdown Scavenger Hunt – A to Z of lockdown life

We found something for every letter of the alphabet in our lockdown life. It filled a bit of time between snacks….

This is what we do for entertainment these days… (Nursery Whines)

A is for Amazon delivery boxes

B is for bathroom hiding

C is for coffee

D is for dirty dishes

E is for empty biscuit tin

F is for feeling fed up

G is for give me strength

H is for hopeless attempts at homeschooling

I is for infinite boredom

J is for junk not cleared out

K is for kitchen karaoke

L is for lie-ins

M is for more coffee

N is for not getting dressed

O is for over-eating

P is for putting things off until tomorrow

Q is for quitting quizzes

R is for running out of things to watch on Netflix

S is for secret snack stash

T is for take aways

U is for unfinished jigsaw puzzle

V is for very fed up now actually

W is for window gazing

X is for Xtra large lounge pants

Y is for yoga mat still rolled up in the corner

Z is for Zoomed out

What’s in your lockdown alphabet?

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