Birthday banners and balloon hung on a wall

The Party’s Over

The floor is scattered with debris - balls of shredded newspaper, discarded toys and half eaten cakes that have been trodden into the carpet. A popped balloon lies deflated on the floor, all its puff and promise destroyed by the events of the day. Sitting shell-shocked in a chair gazing around me, I feel much …

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Child sitting in a tree


I like naughty people. I just find myself drawn to them. I'm not an out-and-out rebel myself, but I enjoy lurking in their shadows. Usually too timid to be the first to break the rules, I'll merrily follow in the footsteps of a troublemaker and join in their revolution once it's got going. Goody two-shoes, …

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Child running through a field

Learning to Spell Diarrhoea

It’s just before 3pm in the afternoon. I am sitting at my desk when my mobile goes off. It’s the childminder. My heart immediately starts beating a thousand times a minute and my mind can’t even focus in on imaginable disasters. Within two rings I have flicked the answer button and breathlessly, hesitantly, utter, “Hello?” …

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