Child on a bouncy castle laughing

Walking Back To Happiness

"Are you happy?", my daughter asks me as I pick up pieces of broken egg off the floor. Kneeling at her feet I stoop to scoop up the cold gloop which is slowly spreading over the kitchen floor, a scrambled mess of yolk, white and shattered shell. "No, I am not happy," I reply. I …

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Child wearing silver paper crown

Who Do You Think You Are? Children’s Role Play

I wonder who I will be today? This is the question I ask as I get out of bed every morning. Not as part of some great life affirming exercise, but because I simply do not know. Since I became, “Mummy”, I lost track of my true self a long time ago. But these days …

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Woman standing in front of a red sculpture of the word LOVE by Robert Indiana on the streets of New York

Keeping Up To Date

There's no denying it, becoming a parent definitely changes a person. Attitude, outlook, goals, ideals, dreams, expectations... creating a life just kicks your own into perspective. And the roles and responsibilities that come with rearing a child take up so much of your time and attention. But sometimes the impact of parenthood can cause you …

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Child sitting on a potty

Do You Want To Use The Potty? A Toilet Training Parody

As previously discussed the thought of emptying the bladder has been weighing on my mind a lot of late. Here is a little ditty my daughter and I started to compose during those endless minutes sitting on the potty, waiting for something to happen. Sung to the tune of Frozen's Do You Want To Build …

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Legs of child sitting on a potty

Going Potty – The Truth About Toilet Training

Now I understand why the word 'potty' is also used to mean mad. Five days in, potty training has driven me totally bonkers. My real problems was, I expected it to be fairly straightforward. Now I realise that I have fallen foul of an enormous conspiracy. Those casual posts I read that said, "Stay in …

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Woman looking at sleeping newborn baby

Feeling Broody? 9 Cures Without Conception

Cluck, cluck, cluck. It's that yearning you get when your baby is not really a baby anymore. You are struck by unexpected pangs of longing to have a tiny, helpless creature to snuggle up to. You find yourself wistfully wondering when your youngest suddenly got so big, and gaze enviously at other people's newborns. But …

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