Child with bandaged leg sitting in a buggy next to 'Emergency Department' sign

Helicopter Parenting – How Low Should You Go?

My daughter's right leg is currently in plaster.  Before the age of two she has suffered a fractured metatarsal, damage to a bone in her foot.  It is a common injury in professional footballers and dancers. She incurred her damage jumping off the bed. "Mummy called the doctor and the doctor and the doctor said, …

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Woman and child in floating aid in swimming pool

Parenting With Epilepsy – Staying Afloat

It's late afternoon and I am starting to get that sinking feeling. The air around me is becoming thick and heavy and everything suddenly seems much further away. I try to focus on my surroundings, digging my fingernails into my palms in a desperate bid to cling onto consciousness. But I soon know that I …

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