Child eating snacks in the park

The Bribery Spiral

Dishing out sugary treats as an incentive for your child to do what you ask of them is a rocky road to disaster.

Child running through a field

Learning to Spell Diarrhoea

It’s just before 3pm in the afternoon. I am sitting at my desk when my mobile goes off. It’s the childminder. My heart immediately starts beating a thousand times a minute and my mind can’t even focus in on imaginable disasters. Within two rings I have flicked the answer button and breathlessly, hesitantly, utter, “Hello?” …

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Child's closed eyes in close up

Cruel To Be Kind – Treating Conjuctivitis In Kids

This week my daughter contracted a nasty case of conjunctivitis. She woke up crying, "My eyes! My eyes!" Her eyelids glued together with a crust of luminous mucus. Once bathed with cotton wool, she squinted out of red, swollen sockets which oozed with green gunk. It was horrible to see her in pain. But even …

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Child with bandaged leg sitting in a buggy next to 'Emergency Department' sign

Helicopter Parenting – How Low Should You Go?

My daughter's right leg is currently in plaster.  Before the age of two she has suffered a fractured metatarsal, damage to a bone in her foot.  It is a common injury in professional footballers and dancers. She incurred her damage jumping off the bed. "Mummy called the doctor and the doctor and the doctor said, …

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Woman and child in floating aid in swimming pool

Parenting With Epilepsy – Staying Afloat

It's late afternoon and I am starting to get that sinking feeling. The air around me is becoming thick and heavy and everything suddenly seems much further away. I try to focus on my surroundings, digging my fingernails into my palms in a desperate bid to cling onto consciousness. But I soon know that I …

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