Child patting Winnie the Pooh model on the head

The Tao of the Two-year-old

Parenting certainly has its problems, and children can be complicated - to say the least. But it has occurred to me of late that perhaps I do not paint my child in the best light. In complaining about the difficulties I encounter in my daily life as a mother, I am always the victim and …

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Child dressed in a pink princess dress sitting on the grass amongst woodland

Reward charts – who wins?

In almost every room in my house there is now a piece of paper hung or taped on the wall somewhere, documenting somebody's failure. Daddy's failure to make a decent Reward Chart. Mummy's failure to remember to stick the relevant stickers onto the chart. My daughter's failure to grasp that the purpose of the chart …

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Child running through a field

Learning to Spell Diarrhoea

It’s just before 3pm in the afternoon. I am sitting at my desk when my mobile goes off. It’s the childminder. My heart immediately starts beating a thousand times a minute and my mind can’t even focus in on imaginable disasters. Within two rings I have flicked the answer button and breathlessly, hesitantly, utter, “Hello?” …

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