Royal Baby Special: The Secrets Behind A Glowing Post-Birth Photo

The hot topic of conversation with regard to the new royal baby has been less about what the little critter’s name will be, and more about, “Poor Duchess Kate”, being dragged out to pose for the cameras just hours after giving birth.

Some feel this is a violation of women’s rights, parading her like a prize animal before the public when she has just gone through childbirth.

Others believe it is her duty as a future Queen of this country to face the flashbulbs and keep smiling, regardless of how she is feeling.

But to be honest, having been through labour and had my picture plastered over social media for family to see afterwards, I’m not sure it is such a burden for her to bear, either way.

There are a number of secrets a mother is concealing behind that magical glow of a post-birth picture. Here’s what the camera doesn’t capture.

1. Chemistry
Adrenaline, hormones, drugs – that megawatt smile is getting its supply from a hidden back-up generator that could fuel a rocket. Along with extreme pain and exhaustion, mothers are also feeling elated and empowered, riding high on the phenomenal feat they have just accomplished. No wonder they are at their best in these moments.

2. Padding
It doesn’t matter how good the outfit looks – chic red dress, stylish maternity dungarees or nightie – underneath it every new mother will be wearing the most enormous mattress of a sanitary pad that they never even knew was available until the midwife handed it to them.

3. Pregnancy Pluses
Nature is on the side of the new mother. During pregnancy their hair has become thick and lustrous, if they are lucky their skin has become the most clear it has been since pre-adolescence. Their swollen bosoms are more magnificent than perhaps even Rubens could ever have imagined. In short, they may not be feeling their best, but they actually look pretty fabulous.

4. Aroma
Fortunately modern technology has not yet mastered (or perhaps wisely steered clear of) digital smells. The radiance is on show for all to see, but we are spared the scent of sweat, blood, tears, nappies and Eau De Baby Sick.

Woman in hospital bed holding baby after giving birth
Eyes for you only (Nursery Whines)

5. Frankly, Not Giving A Damn
Be it drugs, maternal love, lack of sleep, parental pride, shock, delirium – after giving birth mothers are just not that with it.
They have been forced into the most compromising of positions, surrounded by strangers, pushing a very large object through a very small hole.
In awe of the miracle of life, shattered by the reality of it, as a mother who has just delivered a child, one’s self-awareness is reduced to an iota of what it once was.
When you’ve just had a baby, you really don’t care which is your best side and you are oblivious to the camera lens. And perhaps that absolute modesty is what makes a mother’s true beauty shine.


3 thoughts on “Royal Baby Special: The Secrets Behind A Glowing Post-Birth Photo

  1. Yes! I think you are right. I remember I just wanted to share that moment with everyone as I was full of happiness hormones. I remember skyping my mum after my first child was born to show her her 1st grandson (she had no idea he was born or that i had been in labour) and when I told her she thought I was joking because, in her words I looked to good for someone that just had a baby – LOL! Thank you for sharing with #StayClassymama

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