Keeping Up To Date

There’s no denying it, becoming a parent definitely changes a person. Attitude, outlook, goals, ideals, dreams, expectations… creating a life just kicks your own into perspective. And the roles and responsibilities that come with rearing a child take up so much of your time and attention.

But sometimes the impact of parenthood can cause you to forget yourself – and the other important people in your life too.

It doesn’t matter how supportive, or helpful, or sharing parents are when it comes to their children – a happy family life requires parents to take care of each other too.

Advice and guidelines about, “Keeping the romance alive after a baby”, can often be shrugged off by those with a British disposition, or laughed away as nonsense. “Routine romance?! What a turn off!”

And yet if one has not seen or heard from an old friend for sometime, if we value the friendship we make an effort to catch up. So why not make an effort to catch up with the person with whom you shared so much love and appreciation you decided to start a family?

Plate decorated with the words Happy Anniversary in chocolate
Sugar-coated sentimentality (Nursery Whines)

That person you see day after day as you both stumble out of bed to answer the demanding summons that woke you.

That person you team up with in a bid to quell the storms of tantrum, stave off escape, close ranks against rebellion and defend against attack.

That person you lie slumped beside on the sofa each evening staring zombie-like at car crash TV, whilst unconsciously imbibing alcohol or sugar.

That person whose eyes meet yours as you roll over in bed, far away on the other side of the hot little body that wriggles and fidgets in No Man’s Land.

That person once had a name. And it wasn’t, “Daddy”, or, “Mummy”.

That person once had passions and pursuits. And you shared them.

You shared a life, not just the responsibility for another life.

You laughed together, you played together, you sang together, you danced together, you joked together and you talked to one another. You talked of anything and everything, not just the mundane matters of childcare.

Couple posing as they pretend to feed each other in a restaurant
Call me by my name (Nursery Whines)

That person you once gate-crashed parties with. That person you stayed up all night with. That person you travelled to the other side of the world with. That person you had adventures with. That person you had fun with. That person you were just plain silly with. That person you were irresponsible with.

That person is a parent now. But they are still that person. So why not make the effort to catch up?

Happy Anniversary to ‘That Person’.

Bringing up Georgia
Just Hannah Jane

3 thoughts on “Keeping Up To Date

  1. I think it’s hard when having kids as ‘you’ is split into a few different people. Mum, colleague, wife – It can be hard to define you again, after all, we all change after having kids with priorities. Thanks for linking up to #fortheloveofBLOG

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