Easter Hunt: Ideas For Hiding Chocolate From Your Kids

Why should children have all the fun at Easter? We hide the chocolate from them, then we help them find it and let them eat it all.

What we should be doing is just hiding the chocolate. Then we can eat it when they aren’t looking.

But the trouble is – where to hide it around the home that they won’t find it? My child gets her hands on anything and everything that I thought I had put, “Out of reach”.

Adults fingers in foreground pointing at children in a garden, one holding a basket and rabbit-shaped token
Spot the chocolate… (Nursery Whines)

So here are a few places to consider for your secret chocolate stash.

1. The Vegetable Box
Since most children are averse to eating vegetables they are unlikely to go foraging among the broccoli and carrots in search of forbidden fruit.

2. The Medicine Cabinet
Since this is the place for securing substances we don’t want our children to be downing quantities of unattended, it stands to reason it is an ideal place to hide a chocolate hoard. The long-attested medicinal properties of cocoa make it all the more fitting.

Baby clutching a decorated egg
I found it first! (Nursery Whines)

3. In The Back Of The Pushchair
Assuming you have a rear-facing pushchair, that little pocket in the back of the hood that is stuffed with old wet wipes, odd mittens and socks and discarded hats has been crying out for such a purpose. Filled with chocolate you can simply reach in freely and chomp away as you walk along – the apple of your eye completely oblivious to what you are up to behind their back.

4. Under The Sink
Much like the medicine cabinet, this is presumably a child-locked compartment into which little hands are not permitted to forage. The main reason being that it is filled with poisonous chemicals, so perhaps not the best place to store food. A Tupperware box in which to nestle your eggs may be advisable.

Child sitting in a pushchair holding a chocolate egg
What do you mean share? (Nursery Whines)

5. Inside Wellington Boots
If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Too often I have attempted to don my footwear only to find it stuffed with chalk, bricks or spiky dinosaur toys. If it’s a good enough hiding place for them, why not make it your own? Just don’t forget you’ve filled your boots though, or you could be in for a squelchy surprise.

6. In The Nappy Bin
I suppose it depends just how desperate you are. But who is ever going to go rummaging through there? It worked for the Three Men And A Baby

An Easter tree hung with decorated eggs
Happy Easter (Nursery Whines)

Happy Easter!


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