Presents For Parents

Life can be full of little surprises.

I open the saucepan cupboard to find a pair of pink sunglasses hanging from a hook on the inside of the door. We had turned the house upside down looking for them earlier, at my toddler’s insistence she couldn’t live without them.

Child's pink sunglasses hanging inside a kitchen cupboard door
Everything in its place (Nursery Whines)

Beep beep! Beep beep! The timer has just gone off on the oven. I certainly didn’t set it. The oven is turned off and I haven’t got anything cooking. My daughter loves fiddling with buttons and is always setting the timer. It may have been running since yesterday.

Hurrying to put my shoes on I am halted in my tracks on finding one is full of chalk.

Just after bath time I walk into the room to find a steaming little brown nugget laid on the floor. That will teach me not to allow an escape halfway through putting on a nappy.

Sitting drinking a cup of tea, a soggy, half-chewed biscuit is suddenly thrust into my face.

Pulling back the cover on the pushchair reveals a small monkey, which has been carefully wrapped in a blanket and strapped in.

Toy monkey strapped into a pushchair
Stowaway (Nursery Whines)

Climbing into bed I discover a stash of my jewellery which has been stolen from my dressing table and concealed under the duvet.

Picking up my phone reveals a reel of blurry selfies taken in a clandestine photoshoot under the table.

Attempting to get some work done I reluctantly and distractedly haul my daughter onto my lap, expecting her to bash the keyboard. She smoothes my hair, kisses my cheek and rests her head on my shoulder.

Mother an daughter sitting in a hammock in a garden on a sunny afternoon
The company you keep (Nursery Whines)

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