Fashion Week Special: 6 Reasons Leggings Will Never Go Out Of Style

Casting my eye over my wardrobe in the mornings, sometimes I linger on a favourite dress or elegant skirt. Then my sense of reason takes over any sensibilities I may have about looking stylish and I pick-up and pull-on a trusty pair of black leggings.

For a while I felt I had let myself go by resigning myself to this Mummy Uniform. But in the last two years I have come to realise and appreciate the practicality of this simple garment.

As the Fashion Glitterati ready themselves for the FROW at London Fashion Week, I am wearing my leggings with pride. And these are the reasons why…

1. They Go With Anything

NYC vibes. Shop the look on my app!

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Be it tunic, jumper, shirt, T-shirt or dress – throw it on with a pair of black leggings and you are good to go. If you’re Kim Kardashian, it seems even just a bra will suffice.

2. They Disguise A Tsunami Of Stains

Coffee, food, paint, make-up, grubby fingerprints, baby sick and other bodily fluids. Leggings soak it all up and you don’t have to worry about getting them in to soak.

3. You Can Comfortably And Decently Sit Cross-Legged In Them

This is where dependable denims would start to let you down. While you sit on library floors to sing Wind The Bobbin Up jeans may start to dig into your waist or leave you with an unsightly builder’s bum. Only leggings have you covered from all angles.

4. They Make Up For Lack Of Grooming

…even when you've got VPL #visiblepantyline

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What busy mother has time to shave her legs? But with leggings on, who even needs to know?

5. They’ll Stretch To Anything

🌲 Tree love!!! 🌲

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Thanks to the support of your elasticated waistband you need never feel restrained from ordering that pizza or accepting a second slice of cake. You’ve earnt it.

6. They Can Afford To Be Ruined

If your child charges at you with their hands covered in orange paint it could mean curtains for a vintage dress. However, you can replace a pair of cotton leggings for as little as £1.99.

Anna Wintour herself would struggle to deny it – leggings have it all. Except pockets!


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