Parklife – A Parenting Parody

Nursery Whines is taking a break this week.  But we have dug out last summer’s anthem from the archives. Many thanks to Damon Albarn.  This is the tune we live our lives to most of the time to be honest.

Here is my reinterpretation of Parklife, through the eyes of a parent. Well, life is all a bit of a Blur these days…

Distraction is a preference for the habitual subscriber to what is known as…


And late afternoon meltdown can be avoided if you take a buggy straight to what is known as…

Jane’s got neurotic mother syndrome, she gets intimidated by the rowdy older children on the roundabout, they love a bit of danger.


Who’s that woman doing lunges with her pram?! You should cut down on your exercise mate, have an ice cream.
All the parents,
So many parents,
And they all go in desperation,
Exhaustedly through their Parklife.
Know what I mean?
Toddler sitting in urban park
We all go, take-away coffee in hand… (Nursery Whines)
I get up when I want, except pretty much everyday when I get rudely awakened by my baby shouting for attention.


I put my dirty leggings on, have at least three cups of coffee and I think about leaving the house.

I feed the ducks, I sometimes feed the pigeons and the seagulls too,
Forget feelings of well-being, it fills up the morning until lunchtime.


And I try to keep her happy for the rest of the day, safe in the knowledge there will always be a bit of time, once she’s in bed, which I can devote to Netflix.
All the parents,
So many parents,
And they all go pushing-a-pram,
Sleepwalking through their Parklife.
Toddler chasing pigeon
I sometimes chase the pigeons too – it gives me a sense of enormous well-being (Nursery Whines)
It’s got nothing to do with the children’s enjoyment, you know?


It’s just something to do while every sodding playgroup shuts down for the summer holidays and the weeks until September go on and on and on…

Altogether now:
All the parents,
So many parents,
And they all go phone-in-hand
With a tireless child through their Parklife. 
Child with a bandaged leg wearing sunglasses and smiling while sitting in a swing
Parklife! (Nursery Whines)
One Messy Mama

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