Top 5 Tips For Surviving Children’s Parties

As a celebrity journalist I have attended my share of parties.  Over the years you learn who puts on the best shindig and fills the best goody bag, and how to ensure you have a ball and bag a scoop without turning into a pumpkin when you have work the next day.

But children’s birthday parties have been a whole new world of unchartered territory for me to discover.  The Party Rules no longer apply – they have been turned inside out.

So here are my new rules for making sure kids’ parties don’t leave you jaded.

1. Eat A Big Breakfast
This applies to you and your children. You can never be sure what snacks – if any – will be laid on for the grown-ups at these kind of functions, so you need to make sure you have enough energy to get you through.
And at the same time you want to make sure your charges don’t have too much room in their tummy for all those E Numbers and Sugar that are going to have them bouncing off the walls way past bedtime.

All that sugar tastes so sweet! (Nursery Whines)

2. Don’t Wear Your Best Outfit
Deck the little darlings out in their finery, but save your own party clothes for another day. Whatever you wear is going to end up covered in icing, chocolate, face paint, snot, and goodness knows what else.

3. Arrive On Time
There is no such thing as ‘Fashionably Late’ at a Children’s Party. The kids don’t care who is there and who isn’t as they all pile onto the Bouncy Castle. Getting there late just means missing out on activities that will tire out the little tuckers and hopefully counteract the sugar high. Plus you risk incurring the wrath of the Host Parent if they have planned ‘Structured Fun’ such as Party Games.

Children sitting in a circle playing Pass The Parcel
Pass the parcel (Nursery Whines)


4. Swipe A Party Bag ASAP
Get to that bag before your child has a chance to look inside it, even if it means snatching it from your host’s hands. You need to remove any sweets they might eat on the way home – providing a sugar boost – and any swag that could spell disaster for your car or home, such as permanent markers, glitter, water bombs – who knows what horrors that little bag may hold.

5. Make The Most Of The After-Party
If you follow all these top tips your little angel should fall asleep on the way home. That’s when the party really starts…

One Messy Mama



One thought on “Top 5 Tips For Surviving Children’s Parties

  1. For the last few years, I’ve held my son’s birthday parties at home and as he’s gotten older they’ve got more and more chaotic and I’ve stared lovingly at a bottle of wine more! Needless to say, we won’t be doing it again. Our house just ain’t big enough.
    Brilliant post. Some great tips! Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging


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