Happy Phone’s Day

Sometimes I wonder what you would choose to save first in an emergency.  Caught up in a force majeure would your instinct be to reach for your phone, then once you we sure it was secure, remember to scoop up your daughter?

It probably wouldn’t be an issue as your phone would most likely already be in your hands. You always seem to be holding it.

She definitely recognises it as her main competition for your attention.

In the mornings when she toddles into the bedroom and beams, “Daddy!”, next she is sure to point out, “Phone”, on your bedside table.

Father and daughter on swings
(Nursery Whines)

When she constantly makes a grab for it she is hoping to look at the videos of dogs and Instagram cat stars you show her.  But I wonder, deep down, if she is hoping to unlock the key to your heart.

My own heart sinks on the occasions when she is doing something really adorable and I look over to catch your eye, only to find that, as usual, you are glued to your phone and apparently completely oblivious.

Or the times when I am busy in another room and you two seem to have been getting on so well together. I peep around the door to find her chatting away to herself as she plays in one corner of the room, while you sit hunched in another, sniggering at something on your screen.

Father and daughter walking in a park
(Nursery Whines)

But then there are the times when I walk in to find you both huddled over the hallowed display together. Her gazing in wonder as you patiently scroll through endless photos of her and her favourite family members and talk her through them.

And while it may sometimes feel like that phone is driving a wedge between us, it makes us feel together when you are away and you Facetime from your bed to say good morning.

Or when you call during the day to check we are okay because we have been offline for hours and you are worried about us.

Then it drops into my inbox.  That video you’ve been editing of all her latest milestones and I realise that was what you were doing with your precious phone when you were huddled in the corner.  You weren’t ignoring her at all, you were capturing it all through the screen.

Father and daughter on a seesaw
(Nursery Whines)

You are an iPhone Father fully charged with love and adoration for your daughter.  Your headphones may make you seem closed off, but your heart is open.

We love you Daddy. Happy Father’s Day.


2 thoughts on “Happy Phone’s Day

  1. I have a love hate thing with phones and my children too. I do recognise when they are getting in the way. Yet we also love them for capturing beautiful moments. It’s all in the balance I guess. I always make an effort to put in down as soon as the kids want my attention. #stayclassymama


  2. Aw man I am definitely Google Pixel Mother, I think (*note “think”) I am good and notice when I am using it too much. Other times the boyf will put me in check, which is a good and slightly annoying thing lol. Loved the way you wrote this! Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama


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